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Builders in Brixton | How Kitchen Refurbishments, Loft Conversions & Our Other Services Increase Resale Value

Are you looking to improve or develop your property in Brixton? With so many different methods and endless design options, it’s easy to understand if you’re not sure what route to take. If you know that your current property isn’t a ‘forever home’, adding value through improvement work is a high priority. Our builders have vast experience with a range of projects that increase the market value of domestic properties. These include kitchen refurbishments, home renovations, loft conversions and property extensions.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward a home improvement or development project of any kind, call us on 07463 818 558 or 01322 402 622. Our builders will happily visit your Brixton property to discuss your ideas and concepts.

4 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Market Value

Loft Conversions

When it comes to adding new living space inside your home and increasing its value, converting the loft remains one of the most effective solutions. Loft conversions usually cost less than property extensions. What’s more, they don’t eat into your garden space or affect natural light transmission on the lower floors.

A converted loft completed by skilled builders can add as much as 20% to the value of your home. While certain variables may affect the final figure you see, this is a relatively standard expectation for London properties.

As with our home renovations, kitchen refurbishments and wider range of services, we design and build loft conversions tailored to your personal requirements. Our many clients around Brixton love them, as do prospective buyers!

Property Extensions

Although extending your home is usually pricier than converting the loft, it’s still an investment that brings about a fantastic return. As a property owner in Brixton, you don’t need us to tell you that space is at a premium. The additional room(s) our builders create will hold huge appeal with potential buyers while also benefitting you in the short-term.

Single-storey property extensions often don’t need planning approval due to your permitted development rights. This makes wraparound and side-return additions, especially those extending the kitchen, even more popular.

Like loft conversions, the amount of increase in resale value varies depending on the type of room you create. For example, en-suite double bedrooms and kitchen extensions see a larger increase than a standard single bedroom or home office.

Home Renovations

Is your Brixton home tired, dated or even damaged? A full property renovation is a great way to optimise its value. While services like kitchen refurbishments focus on returning aesthetic appeal, renovations get deeper under the skin. Our builders can knock through walls to alter layouts or perform major repairs and structural alterations.

If you live in a period property, it’s vital to keep and restore original features. Removing them could bring about a decrease in value.

Home renovations can be as small or big as you like. They can focus on a single room, an entire storey or the full property. You can also combine them with loft conversions or property extensions as part of an extensive makeover.

Kitchen Refurbishments

Known as ‘the heart of the home’, your kitchen has a huge say in the value of your Brixton property. To breathe new life into yours, consider replacing old cabinets and drawers. You can also focus on installing desirable modern features like induction hobs, undercabinet lighting and soft-close hinges.

As a specialist in property extensions and home renovations, we can even change your kitchen’s layout and increase its size.

With expertise in large-scale projects like loft conversions, our builders deliver kitchen refurbishments of any kind with stunning results.

Call 07463 818 558 or 01322 402 622 to speak with one of our builders about kitchen refurbishments, property extensions and more. We cover all locations in Brixton.


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