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Property Extensions in Clapham | How Disruptive is Large-scale Work Like Home Renovations & Loft Conversions?

Home improvement and development projects in Clapham come with a huge amount of excitement. With property extensions and loft conversions, you can look forward to the prospect of having brand-new living space that improves your family’s lifestyle. Home renovations represent a unique opportunity to realise your design aspirations within period architecture. Kitchen refurbishments breathe new life into the heart of your home.

Before you reap the benefits, however, our builders must complete the physical construction phase. Unfortunately, this comes with a certain amount of disruption. Of course, PR & DL Construction Ltd strives to keep this to an absolute minimum, but it’s impossible to eliminate.

Below, we have outlined what level of disruption you can expect from our core services. We have focused on home extensions, loft conversions, home renovations and kitchen refurbishments.

How Disruptive Will Your Work Be?

Property Extensions

When it comes to extending your Clapham home, the amount of disruption our builders cause depends on the size and style of your extension. For example, the construction of a simple 3-metre, single-storey rear extension takes approximately 3 to 4 months. A larger extension, or a double-storey structure, takes more like 6 months.

It’s important to note that these estimated timescales don’t include the planning and design aspect of your project. If property extensions require planning approval and maybe even a party wall agreement, the entire process, from architectural design to completion, is around a year.

With construction comes dust and noise. Ideally, we recommend spending as little time as possible in the house while the builders are there. You can also formulate a plan that gives you access to the amenities you need, and one that keeps dust away from the parts of the house you will use most.

Loft Conversions

As with home renovations, kitchen refurbishments and property extensions, our builders strive to complete conversions as quickly as possible. The average conversion in Clapham takes around 12 weeks. However, there are numerous variables which could make yours run for as little as 8 weeks or up to 16 weeks.

The key factor in deciding this length is usually the type of conversion you choose. A simple Velux conversion has the shortest turnaround. Conversely, mansard loft conversions are the most disruptive because they require our builders to significantly alter your entire roof – and that’s even before the internal build starts.

The outer building phase will feel less intrusive. Our team uses scaffolding to work on and around your roof. The main brunt of disruption comes with the internal build, especially the placement of the staircase. But we strive to complete this installation within 1 to 2 days. The remainder of the internal work is barely noticeable to anyone inside your home.

Home Renovations

Much like property extensions and loft conversions, the length of time and the amount of disruption that comes with a renovation depends on the scope of your Clapham-based project. Single-room renovations (as with kitchen refurbishments below) will put that specific area out-of-bounds, and our builders will use an access route in and out of the property.

If you undertake a full home renovation, the disruption will be on a much greater scale. In these cases, however, we find that the property being renovated is unoccupied anyway. This is either because the buyer hasn’t moved in yet or is renting a home during the project.

Regardless, PR & DL Construction Ltd prioritises dust management during renovations. Our team always maintains a clean and tidy working environment.

Kitchen Refurbishments

Compared with property extensions, loft conversions and home renovations, refurbishing your kitchen has the shortest turnaround time. But that’s not to say they don’t come without disruption. Having builders strip out your existing kitchen and then fit a new one is still a large undertaking, and one that occurs in the heart of your Clapham home.

As you can imagine, the primary concern for homeowners during kitchen refurbishments is the lack of space to prepare and cook food. There’s no perfect solution, but compromises include:

• Set up a basic kitchenette in another room
• Preparing microwave meals for a few days
• Ordering takeaway food
• Visiting friends or family for dinner

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